Blockbonds + PWC Vil Litt Mer

Blockbonds was nominated as 1 of 3 from a total of about 100 companies/projects to win “Vil litt mer fondet“, an entrepreneurial prize from the PWC Norway. This year the prize was to be awarded to a company actively helping to … Read More

CEO’s introduction to Blockbonds

We are pleased to publish this video of CEO, Mr Jens Glaso presenting Blockbonds. With a presence in 7 markets, we have over 60 people engaged on a daily basis. Through our product SPENN, everyone can access basic financial services, for … Read More

We just launched SPENN promo videos

We have over the past month been working to complete our first series of videos to introduce SPENN and its features. The first series consists of three videos, one showcasing the SPENN app, while the two others are focusing on … Read More

Jens Glaso Founder of Blockbonds speaking at Noah Conference 2016

We believe when many people get access to financial services through their smartphones, services they never had the ability to take advantage of earlier, it affect people in certain ways. When people get in control and can use financial tool … Continue Reading