Own Anything, Instantly.

User Experience

UI/UX has been developed over multiple iterations with direct inputs from our target markets all over the globe. This way we are sure to have developed a modern and intuitive design & UX our users can relate to.

Supports Entire Ecosystem

SPENN is the only mobile banking app built to imitate the day to day economic transactions in our target market’s life. The app supports free instant P2P transactions, a free POS solution, an easy way to start saving money, and a ground-breaking model to top-up and cash-out money.

Third Party Integrations

Blockbonds will open up the SPENN platform for third-party integrations through an API. On one hand, this is an efficient and affordable way to reach the large unbanked population while on the other hand, it now makes products and services previously inaccessible for this market, accessible.

Secure and Advanced Technology

SPENN is built with low transaction costs and security in mind. Underneath the modern exterior, SPENN utilizes Blockchain technology to keep transactions quick, cheap, and secure. If you want to know more, feel free to reach out for a quick demo.

Your Smartphone is the New Cash

As a user of SPENN, your smartphone becomes your new mobile banking app. Not only is it much safer than having to bring the cash on you, but its also a lot quicker to conduct transactions.

Some of the key benefits of the SPENN app:

  • Pay anyone, anywhere, instantly
  • Extremely secure with the help of the Blockchain
  • Create a business and get paid directly to your phone

Quick Payments

Pay anyone anywhere, instantly.

iOS and Andorid

SPENN can be used by more than 95% of the smartphone market.

Free to use

SPENN will always be free to use and download.

Excellent Support

Great support routines, with quick turnaround and multiple ways to get in touch.

SPENN – Introduction to the platform

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