Rwanda: First step towards a cashless economy

Together with I&M Bank Rwanda Ltd, we proudly announce a full product rollout of SPENN in Rwanda.

The CEO of Blockbonds and the MD of I&M Bank Rwanda, are proud to announce that SPENN is launched with a national rollout in Rwanda today.

Through the partnership, everyone holding a smartphone in Rwanda will access free banking services with the touch of a button, in the SPENN Mobile banking app.

Through SPENN, we are changing the status quo in regards to how the Rwandan population currently transact.

All services through the SPENN app are cost-free.

SPENN offers both a consumer interface as well as a business interface, with an objective to include the entire ecosystem.

We truly believe that SPENN can bring major benefits to the Rwandan market, with a vision to give everyone in Rwanda a bank account.

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