Blockbonds compete in procurement process with UN Women

As published by Innovation Norway earlier this week, Blockbonds is one of the companies in the procurement process with UN Women in New York.

“Blockbonds was one of seven international technology companies who participated in the competition for a procurement agreement with UN Women. The best solutions will go on to the bidding process, from which one or two of the companies will pilot their solution in the field before a winner is elected.”

As the global leader in banking the unbanked, Blockbonds is showcasing that Norwegian entrepreneurs can make a great contribution to the global marketplace.

“Today, Blockbonds operates through partnerships with several major banks in many countries, primarily in Africa and Asia, where access to banking services is low. By utilizing blockchain technology, Blockbonds has developed the payment solution “SPENN” where everyone can participate in the digital economy and manage their savings, payments and investments in an honest, transparent and secure way. The technology may also be used by refugees who need to receive money, or need access to products and services, personal data storage and digital identity.”

“”We believe that blockchain technology can help streamline and simplify many of the typical situations that refugees encounter, such as arriving at a new location, registering identity papers, being granted a residence, seeking a job in a refugee camp or buying a meal. The simulation at UN Women’s headquarters demonstrated the solutions in practice, and it is wonderful to see the opportunities this technology opens up. I’m impressed by the companies, but also the results this project has generated in a relatively short time,” said Caroline Rusten, head of the UN Women’s Humanitarian Section.”

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