Jens Glaso Founder of Blockbonds speaking at Noah Conference 2016

We believe when many people get access to financial services through their smartphones, services they never had the ability to take advantage of earlier, it affect people in certain ways. When people get in control and can use financial tool it gives an opportunity for the unbanked to take back their integrity, dignity and their self esteem. This will contribute and enable people to educate, become entrepreneurs, to create and improve their businesses, employ and even a positiv impact on health.

Blockbonds vision is, by using the Blockchain technology, to create a system where we help the unbanked to become banked. We have created an autonomy interaction between every unbanked person that carry an smartphone and any banked person. By this every user has taken their first step out of the cash society and increased their level of security of their savings that in any other case is always an attempt for theft.

“We aim to create a world where everyone can manage their payments, savings and investments in an honest transparent and secure way”