New product launch: SPENN Business

Today marks a huge milestone for us as a company! We had a goal to release the first version of SPENN Business by the end of 2019, and, we are super happy and proud to announce that WE MADE IT, with time to spare!

What is SPENN Business?
We have, over the past few years spent thousands of hours getting SPENN to where we are today, a super easy to use financial platform packed with features loved by our users. However, at the same time, we have been approached by an increasing number of businesses that simply are “too sophisticated” for the SPENN app. In fact, the SPENN app was never intended to be used by big businesses, only by consumers and small businesses.

In that regard, we have worked for a long time on a separate business product called SPENN Business. Unlike SPENN, it is a web application accessed through a desktop browser (a modular SaaS – Software as a Service – product). Modular means businesses will be able to pay for only the functionality they need.

The first version will have one module available: Bulk payments. Bulk payments will enable businesses to, for instance, pay salaries to hundreds or even thousands of employees at once.