Educational campaign in the Philippines

In Blockbonds and SPENN, we truly believe in being where our customers are, whether it’s rural areas, city centres or even online.

This week, we have followed our sales team in the Philippines with a camera crew.

They are currently undergoing educational events in the local communities, and as a result, we have gained a lot of valuable and positive feedback.

Our team is currently visiting stores and signing them up with pen and paper.

These stores will be amongst the pioneer SPENN+ and SPENN Power users, who will play a crucial role in reaching the unbanked population.

SPENN Power users play a vital role in our disruptive money distribution system, and as a result, we are achieving:

  • Sustainability of the product
  • Instant usability the minute we launch with full speed
  • Several thousand signups pre-launch
  • Brand awareness and education

Due to these events, thousands, if not millions of Filipinos, will have instant access to user-friendly banking services, for free.

SPENN is not only an app to transfer money with.

It is an ecosystem.

In an honest, transparent and secure way.