CEO speaker at Forum for Technology and Development Cooperation

CEO of Blockbonds, Jens Glaso is invited to Forum for Technology and Development Cooperation (FTU) as a speaker on the subject of how the blockchain can contribute to development in marginalized populations.

The seminar will take place in Oslo, Norway on the 15th of June, 2018.

Jens’ speech will primarily reflect the business model for SPENN in banking the unbanked population, as well as the humanitarian aspect, as described in this news article.


About the seminar:

Blockchain technology has developed rapidly in recent years and has received a lot of attention. Many believe blockchain may have potential to revolutionize development work, including enabling greater transparency and thereby reducing corruption in money transfers, strengthening land rights for marginalized groups through transparent and easily accessible proof of land, as well as providing smart contracts and enabling simpler personal identification, digitally.
What opportunities and dilemmas does blockchain provide for development work? What experiences do Norwegian actors have?