CEO Jens Glaso presenting SPENN at Financial Inclusion Summit in Oslo, Norway (English)

Why is it so that the poorest people in the world have to pay the highest fees on financial transactions?

Why is there no better alternative to the costly operators on the market?

How can banks still earn money on having customers with as little as $20, when the administration cost of having a customer is between $35-$65?

How can a bank in Rwanda save 75.000 working hours in two months? How many working hours can other banks save in this time?

Innovation is the key for financial prosperity, and questions like these are something we in Blockbonds are asking, and trying to solve, on a daily basis.

SPENN is mobile banking application – without the need to have a bank account. This is key when only 20% of the population in Africa has a bank account.

In this video, CEO & Founder Mr. Jens Glaso, will reflect on several of the questions above, and show how SPENN can have a major impact on the future for nearly 2 billion people worldwide.