Why come and work for us?

In order to reach our vision to create a better world for millions of people, choosing the right colleagues to help us get there is crucial. Through structured collaboration and an open-door policy, we in Blockbonds collectively give what it takes in order to get Blockbonds closer to our goals. Through a multicultural group with a variety of different personalities, we create an energy, with which the entire team prosper towards result-driven progress of Blockbonds.

We are eager to attract talented people that share our values. If you are that person, let us know how you see yourself become a productive member of the Blockbonds family, and how you will help us move quicker towards the world we envision.

We believe in a business culture in which our team members can share ideas, bring forth innovation, be heard, and work long hours with challenging and varied tasks, in an energetic and uplifting environment.

Benefits and perks

Flexible Schedule

We know people have different “morning rituals”, and want you to be able to work when you are the most efficient. As long as you are in the office during our core business hours, you may start early or late.

New Computer

Most of us are, funny enough, tech-freaks (who would have guessed…). We know the benefit of having the right tools for the job, and make sure you receive the tech gadgets needed to do your job efficiently.

Paid Holidays

We know everyone needs to shut down and recharge once in a while – and make sure that when you decide to do so, you should not be punished, but instead have the same salary all year around.

Free Lunch

Without healthy food and some socializing in the middle of the day its really hard to maintain focus. In other words, enjoy lunch accompanied with your fellow colleagues every day – on us.

Global Company

We are based out of Krisitansand – but our market is global. This means you will not only get international experience, but also have an opportunity to work directly with global markets.

Amazing Colleagues

We are experienced and serious – but at the same time, like to play pranks on each other and generally maintain a fun and creative atmosphere in the office.

Open positions