Blockbonds represented UN Women at Culture Night Copenhagen

In a partnership with UN Women we recently completed a successful pilot at the worlds largest refugee camp based in Kakuma, Kenya. The target of the pilot was to educate, test and demonstrate the usability for our product SPENN to empower women.

As a result of our cooperation in Kakuma we were invited to join UN Women as a part of their stand in UN City during Culture Night in Copenhagen.

UN City transformed a part of the their lobby into a refugee camp where the participants experienced UN´s contributions to refugee camps all over the world. Watch UN City´s Vlog below.

Our contribution was to showcase SPENN  for visitors so everyone could experience how to use our solution from a customer’s perspective in a store similar to the ones in Kakuma refugee camp.

Feedback from visitors was that SPENN is a user-friendly mobile banking application that can be used by anyone regardless of their background, education, age or knowledge of banking applications.


Photo: UN_Women_Nordic