Blockbonds entering agreement with global cross-border mobile payments network

Blockbonds entering an agreement with the largest network of mobile payments to emerging markets. The agreement will give Blockbonds access to 135 markets.

Blockbonds is proud to share that they have entered into an agreement with TransferTo, a global cross-border mobile payments network.

Through the agreement, SPENN will offer its users possibility to purchase and transfer airtime to friends and family.

The agreement will add additional services that will benefit our users, create sustainability and generate an additional revenue stream for Blockbonds.

SPENN can, with the agreement, pre-open markets with minimal cost, and start engaging a user base in up to the 135 countries where TransferTo currently has a presence.

TransferTo operates a large network having processed over 450 million transactions in 100 different currencies.

TransferTo operates a leading global Cross-Border Mobile Payments Network which interconnects financial institutions and digital financial service providers globally to facilitate real-time international mobile airtime top-ups and money transfers to and from emerging markets.

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