Introducing Blockbonds


There are 2 billion people in the world in the category of unbanked or underbanked, meaning they have limited or no access to the financial system the western world take for granted. Blockbonds strives to democratize the access to financial markets for everyone in the world, by bridging the cryptosphere with traditional finance.

By utilizing blockchain technology, we are able to create a payment system, in which everyone can manage their savings, payments and investments in an honest, transparent and secure way.

Through our technical solution, cash societies can be eliminated through the adoption of our eWallet, operating with full reserve in our bank account. Our eWallet enables online shopping, investments in a variety of financial instruments such as mutual funds and commodities and most importantly real-time transfers integrated with card solutions, making everyday shopping safer and more convenient. Blockbonds was founded by Jens Glaso where Baard Bjerkaas and Jesper Ugland joined as co-founders after an idea by Jens Glaso on how to utilize mobile technology to reach the less fortunate with financial services was launched.

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Blockbonds has had a rapid growth since its inception. We are currently 60 people engaged in Blockbonds, based all around the globe. Blockbonds is always looking for talented people with a great desire to make a difference in the world. Check out our career page and reach out to us if that`s you.


Currently, Blockbonds has offices on three different continents, to always be present in both current and future markets. In addition, Blockbonds is present at the technology hubs around the world. As of late 2016, Blockbonds had offices in Silicon Valley, Singapore, and Kristiansand, whereas Kristiansand is the Headquarter.


Currently, SPENN are running a closed Launch in the Philippines & Kenya, with a full launch for both markets in November. Simultaneously, Blockbonds is working together with its partners in Rwanda, Tanzania, Mauritius, Pakistan and India to get everything ready for a full rollout.


Blockbonds strives to create a world where everyone can manage their savings, payments and investments in an honest, transparent and secure way.


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